Please use these Sharing Rooms to share your personal stories and experiences with others. Send us your stories, poems or memories, and we will post them for you at this site. It may also bring you comfort to read the stories of other people who have had similar experiences.


When we lose someone we love, it hurts. Many of us have never experienced grief before. We may be frightened by the strength of our emotions. We may feel our grief is lasting too long. We may think we are the only ones hurting this much and that no one understands. These thoughts and feelings are all normal and natural.

What helps to make us feel better is expressing our feelings. Sharing our stories and communicating our loss with others is a healthy and acceptable manner towards our healing.

Our KidShare Room is for children dealing with grief. They can send stories or pictures that deal with any loss, including pets.

Our AdultShare Room holds the stories of parents, grandparents and other adults who have lost a child in their lives or adults who had lost a sibling during their childhoods.

Our ProfessionalShare Room offers information and counselling from people experienced in helping the bereaved cope with their grief. You will find articles and essays written by psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers or clergy members.


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